JEMAD accepts manuscript submissions all year round. 

JEMAD is an open access peer-reviewed journal published by the College of Economics and Management, University of the Philippines Los Baños (CEM-UPLB).

JEMAD aims to reach an extensive readership of economists, applied economists, agribusiness and cooperative managers, entrepreneurs, and other social scientists. Articles should be accessible to the academicians and practitioners working in different fields and those working in the government, policy, and corporate sectors. This consideration should apply to the level of complexity of the article, its use of specialist terminology, its assumptions about prior knowledge of the field, and its use of mathematical notation.

The journal articles shall be sent for review according to the double-blind referee process. To protect the anonymity in the review process, AUTHORS SHOULD NOT IDENTIFY THEMSELVES ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE MANUSCRIPT (MS) OR IN ANY HEADERS.

The manuscript shall undergo the Journal’s screening process. An initial screening of the manuscript on plagiarism and its alignment with the Journal’s objectives shall be done. A notice of acceptance shall be sent to the author via e-mail once passed. After which, the manuscript will be forwarded to its assigned referees. JEMAD shall officially inform the author of the manuscript’s acceptance for the Journal’s publication via e-mail.


Each manuscript submitted by the author undergoes the editorial and production stages. Editorial includes technical screening and double-blind peer review process. Production includes copy edit, layout, and proofreading of accepted manuscripts. JEMAD targets at least two months to process the manuscript for both stages.